9 step to parenthood

The surrogateprocess


The process can differ between countries and clinics..


This is a general process to become parents through a surrogacy journey abroad. Follow us on Instagram #ninesteptoparenthood

01 Choose country and clinic

Budget, economcy, family and medical persumptions. Important to understand the quality of the clinics labb and important understand the country's legislation.

02 Eggdonor or own eggs

All parties must undergo medical tests. Is it possible to use your own eggs or are you in need of access to an egg donor database?

03 Find surrogate

Your clinic/agent will match you with at surrogate.

04 IVF

Hormone treatment, sperm donation, egg donation, fertilization and culturing to embryos. As well as possible screening of the embryo to detect chromosomal abnormalities.

05 Embryo transfer

More and more clinics choose to return blastocysts. Embryo cultured to day 5-6.

06 Pregnancy

Controls, ultrasound and ongoing communication.

If necessary, obstetric diagnosis..

08 Citizenship

Apply at the embassy. Which in turn applies for a coordinating number with the tax office. Once done, the application for a passport for the child can be made.

09 Exit and custody

When returning back home, the child must be registered in Sweden to get the identification number (personnummer). The legal process continues with a single custody of the father and adoption for the other partner / mother. Application for parental allowance.

07 Birth

Preparations for baby pick up. Power of attorney and agreements. Immediately after birth determine paternity, DNA test and get birth certificates. If pre birth order isnt possible


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Vi hjälper er starta och genomföra en surrogatprocess

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