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We offer consultation and support for involuntarily childless people in the Nordics. We help and navigate you throughout the surrogate journey from start to end. Our mission is to help couples to create a family

Since 2012, we have committed ourselves ideally and since 2017 throug Surrogacy Sweden in

over 250 families

surrogacy journey abroad.

We love to share our experience and the best we know is to help more couples in the same situation we've been in - being able to become parents! In order for more people to be able to experience the feeling of becoming a parent, we are constantly struggling to find serious, ethical and reliable partners so you can start and do your journey for a reasonable total cost. We are here for you!

What we can do for you;

1. First of all, we offer consultation to childless couples seeking the opportunity to build a family through a surrogacy journey abroad. We help you understand your options, including understanding the costs, risks and opportunities available in different countries through different clinics/agencies. We offer this first initial consultation free of charge for couples whose only way to become parents is through surrogacy. We do this free of charge because we have experience of becoming parents through surrogacy abroad, and we know how difficult it is to compare countries, clinics and prices, but also how difficult it is to find reliable answers. If you then want to start a surrogacy journey, you sign agreement with us. And we will help you find the best options, within the limits of your budget.

2. Our second offer is at least as important which is to guide and support you throughout the whole journey. We support you with logistical, administrative and legal services. In order to facilitate each step of your process, we have developed guides and manuals for all the steps in the process. Everything to shorten lead times and cut costs. Our own experience is that the better informed you are, the greater your chances is to succeed. The whole journey can feel overwhelming and unpredictable, but you can contact us whenever for guidance and support. We are here to guide you through the whole process so you hopefully soon will achieve your dream of a child. In addition, we connect you with other couples in the same situation through our network. We know the importance of sharing this trip with others in the same situation.

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"We help involuntarily childless couples and singles to become parents”

International support Group for all countries and all nationalities. Welcome to join. Link here.


When consulting Surrogacy Sweden, you can expect professional, individual support. We will prepare you for meeting your fertility clinic and surrogate. You’ll come to rely on our ongoing support, as we help manage all aspects of your journey to parenthood through surrogacy.


Surrogacy Sweden offers Intended Parents a no obligation consultation with our personal experienced Intended Parents trough surrogacy. We will lay out the process of finding the perfect country, fertility clinic, egg donor database, legal support and more.


The huge advantage for you to consulting us is that we will lead you through the entire process, so you will not be burden with administration. We support you with answers on your questions, and we are here to listening on your thoughts. We help you to prepare that you have all documents and journals needed for visiting your clinic.


Already over 200 families

We have ideally supported over 200 families since 2012. We have been through the process several times. In 2018, we start Surrogacy Sweden because we want to help more people become parents.


Our mission is to create families, we help involuntarily childless to become parents.



For us its important to be::


  • Transparent
  • Reliable
  • Committed
  • Independent
  • Well-read


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